There's more to PR than the press release

PR deck is a visual communication planning tool for todays' PR teams

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A comms campaign visualized on the PESO model with the PR deck

Todays' brands need to master a large mix of communication channels, so they can reach all their audiences with the right message, repeatedly.

How to plan these integrated, 360° communication campaigns? How to include the latest channels relevant for your audience? And how to keep the overview of how all your efforts work towards one communication goal?

That's exactly where PR deck comes in.

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46 inspirational cards

to brainstorm your communication mix

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PR deck PESO model cards

Based on the PESO model

Use the integrated PESO model and start using PR as a business driver, not just as a brand enhancer.

Get inspired by the PR process at Prezly

Case study with example

Here's how the team at Prezly uses the PR deck to plan communication campaigns.

A step by step guide

How to use the PR deck

Get our handy visual brainstorm checklist that you can print.

Become a trailblazing communication planner

  • Break out of traditional media silos
  • Create integrated and goal-oriented campaigns
  • Involve your team in active brainstorms and get their buy-in

Made by

Frederik Vincx
Frederik Vincx

Founder of PR toolkit Prezly. Publisher of the PRstack project. Visual thinker and doer.

Katleen Peters
Katleen Peeters

Partner at Outsource communications. B2B marketing & PR expert.